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Gear and equipments – Things should be included in your 72 hour survival emergency kit

Along with post “What to Pack in a 72-hour Kit”. We think that “Gear and equipments” are also very important in case of emergency situation. Because all thing we have is all thing that we bring with us.

We will need to use them to cut something, to pull up or pull down something. Besides, lighting will be necessary case of night.


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Below are details of Gear and equipment that we should care and put in our 72 hour emergency kit:


It’s important to know that a two-man tent probably won’t fit two people and their packs, especially if you want to be comfortable. You’ll probably only need one tent for the entire family, but you need to plan for its size accordingly.

If you have four people in your family, we suggest going with a 6–8 person tent so you’ll have room for everyone and their packs. Also, make sure to store your packs inside the tent at all times.


You’ll need to do most everything by hand in an emergency situation so you want to make sure you have good protective gloves to keep from getting splinters or blisters.


Blankets have multiple uses and you’ll definitely want to have one in your 72-hour emergency kit.


Like many other items in your survival home kit, ponchos are a versatile survival item that can be used for more than just the obvious. We suggest finding a quality poncho made from rip-resistant nylon, rather than going for a cheap plastic version.

BiC Lighter

We don’t recommend lighting fires in the aftermath of a disaster because you never know if a gas line has been damaged and may be leaking. However, every disaster situation is different and you may find yourself in need of a fire.

Add a few BiC lighter’s  to your pack, in case you need to build a fire. We recommend a BiC lighter over waterproof matches for a number of reasons, mostly because they can start thousands of fire.


Make sure to pack a durable, lightweight flashlight


Many people will pack a Leatherman tool and call it good, but we suggest having multiple cutting tools in case one is misplaced or doesn’t work for the job.


One of the more common mistakes for 72 hour emergency kits starts with the backpack. Choose a backpack that has multiple compartments in which you can divide your survival gear.

Sifting through an un-organized pack, where everything is jumbled into the same large compartment can be frustrating. By subdividing your stuff into different pockets you can access what you need quickly.

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